Mar. 17th, 2010

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1.) I need to rinse out the things I dye a little better. My hands smell like cotton candy koolaid death.

2.) Spinning evenly from silk hankies is going to require mucho practice.

::eyes the mess on the wheel::

I finally managed to get my hands on some pint mason jars locally today (True Value FTW!), so I can start blending down the Wilton's pastes and start messing with them. I gather there are some issues with the red absorption in those (and the red is in several of the manufactured colors) so if you don't manage it just so the blended color will break down into it's components leaving you with an interesting spectrum represented in your yarn. Which may be fine, depending on what you want.

I plan to use these dyes until they're gone, but I have a feeling that once summer comes and I can start doing some of this work outside (and I can just see me running extension cords out my bedroom window so I can run a crockpot and microwave out on my apartment's tiny patio) I'll probably start moving over to proper textile-intended acid dyes. Getting my hands on blue and green koolaid has been a royal pain so far, and with regard to finicky red dyes, well, I'm not exactly known for my patience.

Anyway! That's going to have to wait until next week, because I'm going to try to make some progress on my wips this weekend, although at the rate I'm going, I'm now making sweaters for next fall. Yeesh.


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