Apr. 11th, 2010

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So having survived the holidays (and hoping you survived your holiday of choice also,) I'm starting to play with the dyepot again. Right now I have twelve little jam jars full of diluted Wilton's paste cooling their heels on the kitchen counter while the crockpot chugs away at making a swatch skein out a packet of lemon-lime green koolaid. Dyeing? For the record? Takes a while. There's the soaking of the yarn in plain water (or plain water with citric acid, pending dye.) Then there's the dumping the whole mess in the crockpot and waiting for that to soak up the dye. Then there's the rinsing and waiting for it to dry (hoping that you'll be able to get it off the shower rod in time for you to take a shower and get to work on time.) Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of fun, but it's not fast. The nice thing is that I can walk away from it for a while and work on a project or write an email or try to beat my Netflix queue into submission while I wait. I'm hoping that the impending microwave will help speed the process some, although I suspect it'll require more of my attention.

In any event, I'm working on a swatch skein colorwheel in the koolaids right now, and I plan to do the same for the Wilton's later in the week.

In the interim. Remember the Romney I trashed in my early attempts to dye roving?

Well, it still looks like crap:

Crap Romney

(I tried to dye it green-blue with orange highlights. Bad decision, there's all these blotchy brown patches all over it. Very unattractive. I think that sort of thing is probably best for handpainting and not kettle dying.)

However, it spins up fairly decently. Color me amazed.

Crap Romney spun up

I'm spindle-spinning this because I have a project on the wheel already, but I think it'll turn out okay. Mittens maybe. Or socks. What do you think? There's about 4 Oz of it.


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