May. 4th, 2010

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I saw, I SAL'd, I survived.

First up: Desert Garden Farm's 'Bunnies' SAL. Jennifer's SALs are a trip, (this is the second one I've been in, the first was based on Shel Silverstein poems,) and she has a fun sense of whimsy combined with a love of pop culture. This was one where within the overarching theme of bunnies, we got to pick our own fictional inspirations. Being the geek that I am, I selected the Evil, mutant bunnies. Of Doom. from Girl Genius.

I received 4 ounces of floofiness:

Lalala, we are all soft and floofy.

And we ended up like this:

Rrrrrowr, we are all sexxxxxxay curves now, no?

The purple is something I had kicking around. I'm pretty sure it's repackaged Ashland Bay. It's nice stuff. I ended up with about six ounces of three-ply, 290 yards of at 12 wpi (DK-ish weight).

The colors in the batts were really subtle pinks greens and lavenders with the occasional splash of bright red blood sparkles. It shows up better in the detail:

sparkle sparkle!

I'm quite fond of it, but it's a little dense (if ridiculously soft!) when knitting up. I was thinking mittens, but I may end up doing something a little more scarf-like.

Next up we have the Fiber Fancy Greek Goddesses SAL. I like Diana's products a lot (as witnessed by my ever-growing fiber stash,) so much so that I bough my first braid of fiber from her before I even had something to spin on! This SAL was also one where you could pick a goddess, so I picked Lachesis, who is the fate that measured the thread of life. I've always loved the Fates, and was perhaps overly influences by Piers Anthony as a kid.

Anyway. This is the awesomeness that is Di picked this as her inspiration picture:

Ladies, what are you up to?

My batts were almost too pretty to spin. Don't they ki9nd of remind you of golden apples?

Like golden apples.

Eventually they ended up looking like this:

Hey, we're learning. I get excited.

It is very soft and luxe feeling. About 150 yards of light worsted, n-plied. I think it'll make a very swank neckwarmer, or maybe a small bag. (I have a book of Louisa Hardings I keep eying. I love how it's mostly natural colors with the occasional flash of gold sparkle or hint of red.

Mine. Mineminemine.

Finally, I was in the Into the Whirled Inspirations SAL for March and April. The colorway is called 'Just Figs' . Cris is a relatively new-to-me vendor, but is (relatively) local and was spoken of very highly by the ladies at the Spin-a-long I attended a couple months back. My before pictures are awful, so I'll omit them (it was a bad camera day) but in addition to the surprise variegated SAL fiber, there were also a handful of complimentary semi-solids offered. Very cool! I used the lavender semi-solid to extend the purple sections in the variegated.

I ended up with about 485 yards of DKish yarn. It's not the most fabulous yarn - I learned to n-ply for this project and there's some less-smooth bits and some (::horror::) worming in a couple of spots, But on a whole, I think it turned out, and the right project can his a multitude of sins.


I had a lot of fun working on these, but three all at once was a bit much. I felt like I was back in school facing three papers that were due all at once. Yeah, I've had enough of that for this lifetime. So I'm taking a break from that and working on some of my booty from Clermont. Which I'll try to talk about soon.
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Figure out what you did with your dye notebook. The 50/50 brown/kelly green Wilton's is shaping up nicely.

(I have a buddy bringing me dead red bugs back from her NM vacation next week. I am excited!)


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