May. 6th, 2010

fallingbooks: Schact Ladybug #51! (spinning)
Or something.

I bought a beachball of romney/cormo a couple weeks ago. It's lovely squishy moorit brown (which is kind of between oatmeal and a good medium brown in color) but as I discovered while spinning it up the other night, it is just loaded with lanolin still. Upside? my hands are all soft and silky today. Downside? aside from the vm, I'm not quire sure what it's going to be like as a properly washed yarn. (I figure this will come with experience, I'm just not there yet.) I've got a couple ounce skein drying out in the bathroom right now to use as a sample. I put a teensy bit of Palmolive in the wash water (and I subscribe to the hot/cold method of setting a twist, so said soapy water was quite warm) and it turned yellow the second the skein hit it. Yikes. It rinsed clear, though so yay?

Because I tend to be monogamous about spinning projects, I'm going to try my hand at carding tonight. A friend of mine gave me her spare handcarders and I have some plain silk and mohair kicking around as well as the roving I trashed a few weeks back (never did finish spinning it.) This can't be too hard, right? Right?

Yeah. I'm laughing, too.

ETA: Oh my gosh I'm bad at this. :D ::mangles fiber::


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