Nov. 15th, 2010

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I went. I saw. I observed a mass quantity of Ravellers from a relatively safe distance. I stood outside the Bosworth booth and gazed in at the shinies longingly. I shopped.

I will spare you the majority of the details. It was nice seeing the friends that I did, and I hope to see the ones that I missed next year.

(Someday, double-treadle Journey wheel! Someday you will be mine!)

(Possibly in 2013.)

(And maybe after I get a DT Matchless, seeing as the bug is already pretty portable. Regardless, IT WILL HAPPEN!)

(Man, I am just one great big covety mess, huh?)

blingpacaMy big splurgey purchase this year was 8oz of lovely, creamy blingpaca from Loop. I've been ogling it on Etsy for a while and when confronted with coveted itm face-to-face I simply had to have it. I'm looking forward to spinning it a whole lot, once I get through the holiday season and get a few other projects off my plate and wheel. I love alpaca, and prefer to spin from top as opposed to bats or roving for smoothness, and, yes, I love sparkle, so this really hits all the markers for being 'Something Sarah Likes.' I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but preliminary thoughts run along the lines of 2-ply fingering weight knit up as a stole. 

Innit pretty?

I bought some other stuff, too. I've got some lovely blue romney from Jersey, a camel-colored ball of llama that I am like 17 different kinds of excited about, some skeins of yarn, and this:

BMFA STR Rhinebeck2010 RareGem It's a Blue Moon STR lightweight Rare Gem. Photographing it and putting it up on needles was literally the first thing I did when I got home with it. It's absolutely gorgeous and I get a woodsy vibe off of the colors. It's probably my favorite thing I bought aside from the blingpaca. The Fold is something I look forward to every year at Rhinebeck. I don't always get something, but I love the opportunity to look at everything and see the colors first hand in the morning light. (And yes, also to ravage the Rare Gem rack. I have a Rare Gem problem.)

Oh, why is it only once a year? (Probably because I'd be broke otherwise.)


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