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Focus, Sarah! Focus!

I'm going to miss the Thatcher Park Sheep and Wool tomorrow in favor of doing other more necessary things, but that's probably a good thing as I'm already living in fear of Rhinebeck.

Tomorrow is World Wide Knit in Public day, so if you knit go out and sit on your front stoop with a WIP. Be proud of your knitting-nerdness! :)

I have started the ubiquitous February Lady sweater. I've never made a sweater before, much less one with buttonholes. I sense a disaster in the making. Hopefully it'll at least be entertaining. (I haven't frogged it yet!)

All of the pretty yarns I like at Webs that are on sale are freaking DK. Do I have any patterns in my queue that call for DK-weight yarn? Of course not. Worsted all the way!

I am coveting Schaefer Susan in Lillian Gilbraith like wo. (Yes, I still say that.) I need two skeins of it for the shawl I want to make, I just can't bring myself to fork over that much money for two skeins of yarn, you know? Even if it is economically equivalent to most other indie dyers and totally worth it. (Of course, my ongoing wibbling over the Margaret Meade, Beatrix Potter (which I KNOW I've seen in person, is white/green/aqua,) and Mary Leakey colorways does not help clarify things. ML would probably get the most use/enjoyment, but my literary roots crave Gilbreths.)

Booklist migrating here shortly. I find that by spending all my time knitting, I barely get any reading done. I need more hands.

Also - why the frelling hell is Illyana both a teenager and not dead? I mean, I get that it's Marvel - no one stays dead forever - but I'm just confused. Does this mean we're going to get Doug back, too?


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