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No, not me. It appears that I am to be an auntie.

Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, (An auntie? Really? ALREADY? I'm only...mumbletymumble... Huh.) I started digging through Ravelry for patterns.

At the moment I'm working with the specifications of 1.) it's a girl, 2.) no pink, and 3.) don't even think about skully hoodies. I am somewhat saddened by the last point, but at least the sibling said nothing about space invaders. (Mind, I didn't exactly ask, either. What she doesn't know...will possibly hurt me in the end, but will totally be worth it.)

ANYWAY. The only thing I know I'm making right now are duck feet. Yarn has been ordered, pattern has been printed, and Auntie Sarah is at the ready with her needles. But what the hell else should I make? Sweaters? Dresses? Socks? I'm kind of stumped, especially as we'll be getting into spring when she's born (which is still cold, so not a total loss, but.) I used to babysit. I remember how fast kids grow. She'll probably be wearing 6x by the fall, knowing my family.

Anyone have any favorite patterns or pattern books they can recommend?
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survival shawl - simple Right after Christmas last year my LYS had a major sale on EVERYTHING and having a fat, new gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket, I indulged. On everything. One of the things I ended up carting home was an obscene amount of silk garden that I had vague, shawl-like aspirations for.

(I have vague, shawl-like aspirations for a lot of things. This is an ongoing trend that I have no doubt will crop up repeatedly here.)

In any event, it sat here spliced into a beach ball of continuous color runs for months while I tried to figure out what to do with it. Finally, faced with a few consecutive days of meeting and no help for my sanity in sight, I said screw it, pulled out ye olde stitch library and cobbled together a quickie pattern that not only would turn my beach ball into something pretty AND useful, but also would enable me to survive the next few days with my marbles intact.

I think it turned out fairly well. I apologize for the lack of action shots, I'll see if I can coerce coax any of my usual models into helping out later in the week. Pattern after the jump. Question, do people find it more useful to have this sort of thing put together as a PDF for download, or just tucked away on a web page?

Survival Stole )

If you try this pattern, please let me know if there are and corrections or clarifications that need to be included. :) Thanks!


ETA: Added to Ravelry for um, vanity and increased exposure. (ZOUNDS, I AM A DESIGNER.)
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I belong to a couple of yarn/fiber clubs. The idea being that you pay a set amount (I prefer the monthly pay-as-you-go ones, but most of them tend to be lump sum payments for spans of anywhere from three months to a year,) and you get a surprise package of yarn/fiber and accessories that are valued at x percent of your payment. Right now I'm in two sock yarn clubs and a fiber club.

I think they are in concept great things. Good for stash building, wonderful monthly surprises (if you don't know what you signed up for,) usually a decent bang for your buck, but they're also something of an 'I have money to burn' or 'I am extreeeeeeeeemely flexible about my knitting' kind of luxury. I don't know that I fall quite in either category at the moment.

For example, I love that my fiber club uses all kinds of different wools to send things out on. I probably wouldn't have tried Shetland as readily and I quite love it thanks to the club. But I don't know if I've just hit a bum run or what, but the last 3 our of four shipments just have not appealed to me. They were on fibers I already know (and have too much of) or they were colors that were decidedly not me, or both. I think that's a sign I need to drop that club, at least for the time being. I'm also getting a little control freak about my spinning and have very decided ideas about what I want to spend my time creating right now.

One sock club ends this month so while it's been fun, I'm glad I don't have to worry about re-upping. The other sock club I quite like as there's always at least two color options to pick from and the bases are delightful, except it's a little expensive because we get a pattern every month for socks. They're LOVELY patterns. Very intricate, very pretty. HOWEVER. I am pretty sure, based on my socky experiences, that they're are not going to fit my feet as written, and the really figural ones will not be (easily) adaptable. I'm not sure what I want to do about this one. There are sister clubs I can slip into to get the same colorways, but they're not quite the same with regard to yarn bases. I'm still mulling it over. I've only recently join and am still trying out their different bases, so I may hang in a little while longer before making any major moves. The club colors have been delightful the last few months, and I can always use the patterns for socks for other people.


I'm currently in a knitting phase at the moment with a couple shawls, a pair of socks, and a sweater on the needles at the moment. I'll post up pictures and pattern links when I get a bit further along.
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Maggie said I could hotlink!

I am slightly behind as this is the last day of the block party, but hell. Better late than never, y/y? :)

I'm out in front with my knitting, proudly and noisily working on the Tempting sweater from the spring 2004 issue of Knitty. It's an easy pattern, but I like to snark while I knit and generally talk to myself quite a bit.

This is where I sing a song of love for Knitty.

Knitty is an online fiber arts magazine that quite frankly rocks my socks off. Every new quarter bring a new bundle of joy with articles and reviews about knitting and spinning tools and techniques and more new free patterns than you could hope to shake your needle roll at. And before you roll your eyes and make some sort of crack about getting what you pay for, consider this: I have yet to make anything from a Knitty pattern that has been a dud, and have very rarely heard complaints from my nutty knitting peers.

A sampling of awesome:

- Stuffed Crab (I know several people who need this)
- Shipwreck Shawl (I'm still working up my courage - that's a LOT of lace and beading)
- Miittens (I have these up on needles now. You too can make your small child look like s/he stepped out of a video game!)
- Interlocking leaves socks (gorgeous lace toe-up socks)
- Amelia cardigan (because I always need another one, you probably do too.)

And hell, I'll put my money where my mouth is. I'll send the first three people to reply a pair of Dashing fingerless gloves.

So c'mon and drag your lawn chair over here with me and we'll sit and knit and trade patterns and horror stories, drinking some of the spiked punch while we watch the festivities wind down. It'll be fun.

Other people on the block: Miss Mags is laying down tunes and Ames is bringing out the trays of cookies.


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