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High on the list of things I freaking know I own but cannot find is my 40" size 8 circular. I was hoping to take another crack at ye olde Cecchetti of Doooom (because my office is freakin' freezing and the alpaca yarn I'm gonna use is warm, but alas, it's not meant to be. Today, anyway.

mittensKnitpicks, here I come!

(Pictures for like, the last paragraph, ahoy. I tried to get all arty with them. ::rolls eyes::))

Anyway, in lieu of that, I'm going to cast on a Yvonne using some of the Noro Yuzen I bought earlier this year. (I bought WAAAAAAAAAY too much of the stuff. Not sure what I was thinking there.) Anyway, I love this pattern, but I'm a bit conflicted about my love because it's basically a fancy-ass vest, and I am not so much about those. (I find that my boobtacularness is best showcased by tasteful cleavage, not so much a large swath of contrasting color.) But it's cold and I have all the pieces and parts to make something comfy so I'm trying to to worry about it so much. I'll keep you posted on my progress, Internets.

Itty mittensAnyway, real and valuable content! I have finished things! Many and several, in fact. But today we're gonna talk about mittens.

Made with Cascade 220 superwash and Ella Rae superwash. I'm not a huge fan of superwash for mittens because I like it when they felt a bit as part of regular use (makes for a warmer/drier mitten IMHO,) but sometimes, particularly when you're talking kids who are more apt to get them dirty, superwash is the better choice for ease of care. I'm building a recipe pattern for these as I'm getting pretty good at sizing them from kid-sized up to very, very large, and will hopefully have that available for folks before the end of the year.


Nov. 24th, 2010 08:32 pm
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No, not me. It appears that I am to be an auntie.

Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, (An auntie? Really? ALREADY? I'm only...mumbletymumble... Huh.) I started digging through Ravelry for patterns.

At the moment I'm working with the specifications of 1.) it's a girl, 2.) no pink, and 3.) don't even think about skully hoodies. I am somewhat saddened by the last point, but at least the sibling said nothing about space invaders. (Mind, I didn't exactly ask, either. What she doesn't know...will possibly hurt me in the end, but will totally be worth it.)

ANYWAY. The only thing I know I'm making right now are duck feet. Yarn has been ordered, pattern has been printed, and Auntie Sarah is at the ready with her needles. But what the hell else should I make? Sweaters? Dresses? Socks? I'm kind of stumped, especially as we'll be getting into spring when she's born (which is still cold, so not a total loss, but.) I used to babysit. I remember how fast kids grow. She'll probably be wearing 6x by the fall, knowing my family.

Anyone have any favorite patterns or pattern books they can recommend?


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