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I've found that spinning, for me anyway, is a lot like playing Rock Band. For the first hour or so there's some attempt at artistry - or at least competency. After that it's a long downhill grind to meet a certain goal, and it might be best to pack it in for a while. That said, I find that I really, REALLY, like spinning yarn. It's fun. I love taking a multicolored braid of roving and seeing how it spins out. So far I seem to do best with a low whorl drop spindle (tried a top whorl, we don't like each other,) and I'm working with merino, which is apparently not a usual beginner fiber choice. Eh. I'm doing fine with it. I like it better than the Falkland I'm messing around with now. Eventually the plan is to get a wheel - I'm pretty sure I want a Schacht Ladybug, because it's supposed to be newbie friendly, but also carry me for a while afterward, but that's still a while out yet. (Also: red wheel OMG.)

My first attempt in progress:
Delusions of Spinning Grandeur

And relatively completed:


(The pictures are fail. I am not much a photographer, my apologies.)

I spun that mostly while sitting in Amtrak trains between NYC and DC. I definitely got some odd looks from passengers. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it as there's really not all that much of it. Maybe I'll just hang in a shadowbox on the wall somewhere as a trophy. Ideas?


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