Jun. 6th, 2010 09:14 pm
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I took a good hard look at my stash the other day. It is not a small stash, and although I don't have to stuff yarn into the arms of winter jackets or other out-of-season clothing to hide it from an SO, I do have a tendency to shove as much of it as possible out of sight when I know Non-Yarn-People will be coming to visit. I have a bin of fiber the cat could go swimming in and I'd never notice.

It's getting bad, y'all. And Rhinebeck is only four months away.

(Oh, you THINK that's plenty of time, but no. No, it's really not.)

Anyway, I was looking at the stash and realized that I have to do something about it before I bring anything else in. Some of it is up on Rav right now for sale. Mostly the odds and ends of things that I bought on impulse with no real plan at the time and 6-24 months later, I'm still lacking one. I also signed up for a spinning fiber stashdown in July. I am going to spin the living daylights out of my stash. Or at least some of it. Definitely parts of it. Every little bit helps, right? It may not minimize the stash that much in terms of actual fiber content, but sheer fluffy volume has to count for something!

I am also going to knit sweaters. I have been been meaning to for a while and avoiding it like the plague, but a week or so ago I finally got up the gumption to make the ubiquitous February Lady Sweater like I'd been meaning to for the last year and a half, and you know what? Sweaters aren't all that scary. (Says the girl who just frogged about 33% of a Cecchetti because she screwed up a count somewhere. Oops!) I've queued up a bunch of cardigans, but there's not a whole lot of pullovers that I've found appealing. I'm thinking I may have to figure out how one of the various raglan generators work.

(If anyone has any recs in this area for patterns - I don't care if they're not free - I'm looking for a wide boat or scoop/sweetheart/square with cap or full-length sleeves and a long body...and a 50"-52" bust. Designers ARE getting better about including larger sizes (Mostly. If they're indie. ::scowls at Ella Rae and Louisa Harding, among others:: It's not my fault I'm 6'0" and busty!) so I'm not going to complain overmuch. It's killer when you find THE. Perfect. Pattern. And it stops at a 44" in bust, though.)

And finally, (back to the original topic,) there will be no more buying of yarn until Rhinebeck. I will refrain from acquiring anything other than what I've got coming in from the club. I will stand fast against wooly temptation! I will shop the stash! I AM ON A YARN DIET.

(Unless I get forcibly dragged to Webs against my will and find glorious charcoally grey worsted alpaca shoved into my hands with the instruction that an angora bunny will die for every second that I stand there with it unbought. Because clearly at that point it was meant to be. Think of the bunnies!)

I am a tower of strength and willpower.


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